Basic information – nanoparticles of noble metals

axonnite new optionsDid you know that different materials we know change their mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical or chemical properties when in the nano size scale?

Exactly! Materials we know so well change their appearance and properties.

For instance: Silicon usually yellow, gold and gray in color, becomes red in nanosize. Gold nanoparticles melt at much lower temperatures (~300 °C) rather than the gold bars (1064 °C). This gives us a posibility to discover anew the periodic table and its new dimension – based on particle size.

Periodic table gains another dimension

Even in ancient cultures people used water with silver bullions and golden coins immersed in it because of its antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Nowadays it is well known that silver posseses strong antiseptic effects and gold influences the reconstructing process and development of cells, and has found use in modern cosmetic applications.

Progress in science and development of new technologies enabled us not only to answer the question about mysterious features of gold, silver and copper but it also allowed to utilize this knowledge in creating products with extraordinary qualities.

Each one of these noble metals: silver, gold and copper, is very important for the proper functioning of the organism.

Though these elements are found in our bodies in trace amounts, they have a significant influence on us. The processes such as: degradation of environment, unsuitable diet and unhealthy lifestyle or stress may cause depletion of these elements from our organisms, and explicit absence or deficiency of this elements expose us to various kinds of infections. Thanks to their presence we regenerate quicker and we are more resistant to bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Years of research and tests in institutes in USA and Poland led us to create a method of obtaining matter of nanometric size, not much bigger than a cluster of atoms. This technology allows us to produce cosmetics and hygiene products that contain microscopic particles of gold, silver or copper.

Axonnite Nanoparticles are made from the purest gold, silver and copper of 99,9999 standard.

These particles are extremely stable and do not undergo any chemical reactions that could pose a threat to human organism. Products are unlike other previously known ionic colloid solutions. They have unique flake-structure and do not accumulate in the body. They owe their outstanding effectiveness in fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi to their minuscule size ranging from 5 to 8 nanometers. Axonnite nanoparticles are about 10 times smaller than viruses and about 100 times smaller than smallest bacteria, and that is why the surface of their influence on microorganisms is so vast.

Nanometals have application in diverse fields of science