Method of production – exceptional and unique

Research of the physical characteristics and their change lies at the core of understanding nanotechnology.

One of the most important aspects of remaining among the best in a rapidly developing industry like nanotechnology is constant research and study of methods and processes.

Current method allows to produce high quality silver nano-colloids on a small scale. It is necessary to design and implement new technical solutions for production on medium and large scale without losses in quality or physical characteristics of the outcome.

Ionic Nano-Colloid (flawed solution) 

Chemical process of producing nanometals is known since the 1960s, this technology however has certain defects:

Non-ionic Particles - aXonnite (desirable solution)

Physical process of producing nanoparticles guarantees their purity and quality, making them most effective in cosmetic, biological and pharmaceutical applications.

So we encourage choose our methods of production of nanoparticles!